Monday, 27 June 2011

Meal planning Monday - June 27th

Good God it's hot, in fact it's so hot I may be melting. I'm seriously considering moving from my bedroom to the freezer for the duration !

Following on from my last blog post my life carries on blundering through major life events. You know those lists of certain events in your life which rank up there as the most stressful ? Well so far this week 1 house - sold, 1 house - bought. 1 job left, 1 job starting in 4 (eeeek) days time.

I am more than behind with my blogging, in fact I have lists of things hanging out of my blog book which need to be blogged and ideas for themed posts. I just need to find the time to get everything done. But, as a small start will be meal planning for this week..

Monday : BBQ  belly pork from Delia's website but done on the BBQ as it was just TOO hot to have the oven on
Tuesday : Stirfry chicken and veggies with lime, chilli and ginger
Wednesday : Dinner out with my Mum, leaving the Husband with a pizza and beer
Thursday : Lemon salmon with couscous
Friday : Chicken curry
Saturday : Something from my Mexican bible
Sunday : Depends on the weather, maybe a summery roast chicken or toad in the hole if it's cooler

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  1. Hope things calm down soon. In the meantime, the meal plan sounds great and it is finally cooling down - hurrah.