Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Meal planning Monday - June 6th and a bit about me me me !!

Ok, so I know it's Tuesday and I KNOW it's been ages since I wrote. My only defence is that that thing called real life - you know ? The thing that exists outside the internet, pays the bills etc ?? Well it's got in the way as usual.

As a bit of a real life update on me, well where to start ? After 7 years in my current job I am leaving for pastures new. Still the same job with the NHS but in a new place. It's emotional and it's a bigger wrench leaving than I ever thought it would be if I'm being honest. I've not been truely happy at work for quite a while now but it took me a while to find my perfect fit. Now on 1st July I'm off to a new practice nearer home and hopefully slightly more laid back than where I am at the moment. In other news, son no 1 turned 8 this week so the diet has been a write off with cake, fish & chips (his birthday tea request) and a trip to Pizza Hut for his birthday.

So, what's on the menu this week ? My first consideration is that I need to get back on the diet. The jeans are feeling a little snug after last week's indulgences. Secondly it's a busy week with kids after school activities and    work commitments so it needs to be quick, easy but healthy so we don't reach for the take away menu on Friday night !!

Monday : Gnocchi bolognese bake
Tuesday : Sausage ragu pasta (this is the most read item on my blog !)
Wednesday : Pizza and salad
Thursday : Tuna and courgette pasta
Friday : Spicy prawn rice
Saturday : I'm at a JLS concert with son no1 as part of his birthday present so something there maybe ?
Sunday : Out for lunch at friends


  1. Congrats on the new job! Hope you are very happy there.

  2. Lovely meal plan, thanks for joining in.