Monday, 23 May 2011

Meal planning Monday - May 23rd

I missed last week, in fact I missed a LOT of stuff last week including my sanity and some sleep. Hence the glaring lack of posts on the blog. I am now building up quite a backlog of posts so hopefully when things calm down a little I'll be able to start posting some of them.

Monday : Nigel Slater's Herbed chicken and asparagus pilaff
Tuesday : Salmon tikka naan
Wednesday : Tuna & bean salad
Thursday : Roasted gammon & homemade oven chips maybe with an egg too
Friday : Spicy prawn rice
Saturday : Out with friends
Sunday : Broad bean risotto

Three new recipes there, the pilaff, risotto and spicy prawn rice - all rice dishes strangely - and then three old favourites. Gammon, egg and chips is a family favourite so the kids and the Husband will love me for, ooh at least a few days for popping that on the menu !!


  1. we have gammon egg and chips planned for Friday, yum!

  2. I've still not tried that salmon tikka naan yet! Main reason because I am always nervous it won't be substantial enough for dinner and Mr M will get the hump!

    Thanks for joining in!