Wednesday, 22 September 2010

30 days / 30 things Day 20

Right, behind again. Bottom of the class F- for me !!

Day 20 (yes, yes I do know it's the 22nd today) is a cookery book recommendation. I have so many to choose from I don't know which one to use, so I had to go and have a rummage through my bookshelf to see which one was most thumbed and splattered - the sign of a good cookbook in my eyes anyway.

I came up with this one

Now I like to think of myself as quite an accomplished cook but I still love the basic cookery books such as this one. I've got a couple of recipes from here which are now firm favourites on our weekly meal plans. I have also lent this book to friends who have ended up buying their own copies when I've wrestled the book back from them ! It's split up into very user friendly chapters and it also addresses the issue of cost and availability of produce too. It focuses very heavily on cooking from scratch and the health benefits of doing so.

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  1. i've got this book as well, its really good, my personal favourite recipes are the tomato soup, the stews and the baked cod with bacon n rosemary.