Monday, 4 July 2011

Meal planning Monday - July 4th

Another week, another Monday and my life continues it's great big screeching "anyone know where the brakes are" rollercoaster. Son no2's favourite phrase at the moment when he wants something he knows you're not going to agree too is "It could be fine" - this phrase has been repeated ad infinitum over the last few days.

So, on with meal planning. This week is the first week of my new job so I'm hoping this meal plan is going to hang it all together without reaching for the takeaway menu by the end of the week.

Monday : Salmon tikka naan (again I know but it is one of our favourites)
Tuesday : Roast chicken, jackets and salad courtesy of M&S Dine in
Wednesday : Curried chicken & cashew rice, I've not done this in AGES and I'm looking forward to it !
Thursday : Omelette and salad 
Friday : Birthday BBQ for my nephew
Saturday : The Husband has promised to cook !!
Sunday : Nigella's Spanish chicken & potatoes

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