Monday, 4 April 2011

Monday Meal Planning - April 4th

Having seen this on Mrs M's Blog I thought it would be an easy way to ease me back into blogging.

It's something I do on a weekly basis but it's whether or not we stick to the plan. On the whole we do and I am sure it's reduced my weekly food bills which, with two small boys are bad enough ! I dread when they hit teenage years, I may possibly be bankrupt. At the moment my meal plans aren't rocking anyones world but I have just had surgery to my hand so The Husband is having to do most of the cooking. Now, while he's pretty ok in the kitchen we've gone for general ease.

So, my plan for this week and yes, some of these I will be blogging !

Sweet chilli chicken stirfry
Spaghetti bolognese
Cheesy garlic mushroom burgers
Lemon salmon
Cheats chicken curry
Home made pizzas
Pulled pork (I've not made this before so plan on some tweaks)

Watch this space...


  1. I keep meaning to try pulled pork, report back!

  2. I'm making it at the weekend, will post all about it !