Monday, 4 April 2011

I am ashamed, thoroughly ashamed !

And so you should be I hear you cry. So let me confess my sins

1. I haven't blogged since November last year, that is nearly 5 months ago
2. I have been very bad with my meal planning and general attitude to food in this time
3. I've well and truely lost my foodie/dieting/general mojo
4. The kids have eaten more fish fingers than is probably good for them
5. My local Chinese takeaway now recognises my number when I phone and I don't need to give my name

BUT (and it's a big butt since my lack of enthusiasm) I am back on board. I've just had surgery to my hand and am now housebound for a few weeks. I plan on updating and re-instating this blog and get back to blogging in general. Starting with my next post....

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