Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Foodie wish list

As I am laid up at the moment with only one properly functioning hand, actually cooking is proving to be somewhat challenging. I plan to try some baking later today, ably assisted by my 7 & 3 year old sous chefs <3 and a hand held mixer - it may or may not work, watch this space.

In the meantime I have been thinking about all the things I want to cook when I am able without fear of pain or popping stitches. I've also been spending far too long on house-things websites and noticed this while perusing Not On The High Street which would be a perfect addition to my kitchen !

So, on to my "to cook list"

1) I want to make a truly marvellous sticky toffee pudding. I adore this but have never made it, I am still  looking  for a recipe that inspires me though. Any thoughts ?

2) As we're coming up to Easter, I fancy making some hot cross buns. Something I haven't done since I was a kid. As my hand is a bit dodgy and not up to the kneading I'm thinking of trying Delia's Breadmaker Hot Cross Buns

3) I love mussels but rarely cook them and when I do it's nearly always the traditional Moules Marinere. This recipe looks lovely for something a bit different from Jamie Oliver. Mussels with bacon & cider.

4) This recipe has been on my radar for sometime now but boning out the chicken legs has always put me off. Sounds delicious though. Gordon Ramsay's Stuffed chicken legs with spring risotto

5) I plan on making this again soon too. I first made it a couple of Christmases ago in memory of my Aunt's Egg and Bacon pie and not having her original recipe this was the nearest I could get. Egg & Bacon pie

Other more random things I want to turn my hand to include Cornish pasties, macarons, raspberry jam buns (going all retro from school cookery lessons there) and banoffee pie.

So that's the plan, I'm sure there are more things too but that will do for the moment !

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