Sunday, 12 September 2010

30 days / 30 things Day 8

I am horribly behind with this I admit so this afternoon I intend on catching up so be prepared for an onslaught of posts from me ! I also must post at some point about the amazing hotel we have just returned home from.

Day 8 (on day 12) is about my favourite food. Now this really is a tricky one, where do I start. As a wannabe foodie I love food - nearly all food anyway. I suppose I need to think about what would my last meal be, what food could I really not live without.

Looking at it like that it's not such a difficult thing really. While I love so many different foods and lots of different cuisines, it always seems to come down to seafood.

(picture from seafoodwashington)

I love prawns in all shapes and sizes. Little ones mixed with mayonnaise in sandwiches or potted shrimp. I adore the big king prawns done on the barbecue and I even love that retro classic that is prawn cocktail ! One of the best meals I have eaten was a meal of shell on huge prawns done with garlic and chilli, ripping them apart and eating the juicy, sweet and spicy prawns with bread and an ice cold bottle of white wine in a restaurant somewhere in the Med - bliss.

I also adore mussels, preferable as marinere but not overly fussy really. Lobster is another one that I love but I'm not that confident eating it yet - not enough practice obviously.

We've just come back from a weekend in North Norfolk - home to Cromer and the Cromer crab. On our way home from our lovely hotel (more about that later), we popped into Cromer and bought 4 lovely spankingly fresh dressed crabs. A lovely lunch when we got home of dressed crab, salad and crusty bread - delicious.

The only one I'm not overly keen on is oysters but then it's been a few years since I've tried any. May be time to rectify that one !

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