Sunday, 26 September 2010

30 days / 30 things Day 26

After swapping today "something random" with yesterday "a kitchen gadget" but I covered that quite extensively in my post on kitchen gadgets before. So what to talk about today ??

Today I'm going to write about Occasional Cakes. This is a company run by a very good friend of mine from her kitchen ! She started up a few years ago just making the odd cake for friends and family. The first one we had from her was for son no1's 5th birthday party (she also did son no2's christening cake). This was seriously impressive, not only the attention to detail  with dyed desiccated coconut for the grass, but the cake was VERY tasty.

5th birthday cake

Since then she has branched out into cupcakes which is where she has really come into her own. She has a monthly cupcake sale and her range of flavours is out of this world. Ferrero Rocher or Malteser cupcakes anyone ? My personal favourites are the lemon ones and the coconut ones. Both totally delicious light sponge with a perfect whip of icing.

A selection of Occasional Cakes cupcakes !

She also does gluten free too, which I have tasted and for once you can barely taste the difference between that and normal cupcakes. Gluten free cakes often can taste like cotton wool. The ones below I think are the prettiest though, done for a hen night.

I know there are loads of people who make cakes and cupcakes about at the moment but I can safely stake my reputation (for what that's worth !!) on these cakes. I've never been let down by them and even son no2 and the tender age of 3 things that Gemma's cakes are the best !

These are son no1's favourites. Sponge baked in an ice cream cone with a whip of vanilla buttercream and a flake. He was quite disappointed when he realised they weren't actually ice cream though !!

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