Saturday, 25 September 2010

30 days / 30 things Day 25

Poetic license again today, I'm moving the goalposts ! Today I'm going to write about something random.

Currently in Norfolk there is the Norfolk Food Festival. I've not been to too many of the events sadly but today, while out shopping in Norwich we stumbled across one and what an event. We were on our way back to the car park when son no2 spied a tractor. Not an uncommon site in Norwich but less than common outside the Forum right in the centre the City. After several pleas from both children to go and see what was going on, we found one of the events called the Battle of the Bangers. This event brings together 7 of the best sausage producers from all over the county and lets the public decide which is the best. So in a small area just near the Forum were 7 stalls all cooking sausages and seemingly 100s of people all wanting to taste and vote. The video below is from a local website Sausage fans.

Battle of the Bangers

The kids were in 7th heaven at the thought of all these sausages to try and son no1 (who is a self-proclaimed sausage connoisseur) was up for the challenge. We worked our way around all 7 stalls, son no1 going back for a third helping at one stall ! The smell was amazing, the sausages sublime. Personally I prefer a coarse cut sausage so my favourites were from Walsingham Farms and Swannington Farm to Fork.

Very impressed with the whole thing and it just reinforces the fantastic produce we have here in Norfolk.

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