Sunday, 19 September 2010

30 days / 30 things Day 18

Today's offering is "something that makes you happy". Suitably vague so do I keep it foodie related or not ? I've already done a post in this 30 things series which talks about food that makes me happy so I'm thinking something else.

Going off at a total tangent then to what I normal ramble on about on here, I'm going to talk about something totally non-foodie that makes me happy (and no, not my children - although on the whole they do make me insanely happy).

My name is Sarah and I am a nail-varnish-a-holic. It makes me happy having nice, pretty nails. The Husband says that I am a magpie and attracted to anything shiny and pretty, hence why I can stand for ages looking at the pretty rainbow like displays on the beauty counters. I have an embarrassingly large collection too, which every now and then I have to pare down before it threatens to take over the box in which I keep them ! I'm not fussy, I have everything from OPI to Rimmel and Chanel to Barry M in my collection.

It all stems from when I was an impoverished student. Spending a couple of quid on a colourful nail varnish made me feel much better about myself and always used to cheer me up and was far healthier than wine or ciggies ! Now I still splash out on a varnish if I'm in need of a boost.

Sadly my job precludes me from wearing varnish on my hands on a daily basis but come Friday evening I'm there painting my nails but my toe nails are always done ! During the week I just use my Dr Lewinn's nail hardener which leave a nice but subtle sheen.

My current favourites are below

Chanel Particuliere

Chanel Paradoxal - my favourite varnish EVER !

Butter London - All Hail McQueen

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