Sunday, 19 September 2010

30 days / 30 things Day 17

Behind again, I am so useless but to be fair life is taking me over at the moment so please bear with me !

Day 17 is something I've never tried. Now I'd like to think I'm fairly adventurous with my food but there are some things that turn my stomach and most likely I will never try. On the whole though there are a few things that I'd like a try that I just haven't got around to trying.

Somewhere once I read a list of 100 things to eat before you die and boy were there some weird and wonderful things on there. Now as adventurous as I am I'm not in the camp of wanting to eat kangaroo bits to be honest !

No, this is something much simpler and much more attainable. What I have never tried is real, genuine sushi. I have of course eaten the supermarket version which is about as much like sushi as I am Kate Moss. I do quite like it -well the M&S version anyway.

So why have I never tried this ? Well, firstly in my little corner of Norfolk there is a decided lack of anything resembling a sushi restaurant but also to my long suffering husband, he'd rather have his chest waxed than eat raw fish ! He has promised me though that next time we go to London he'll take me to Yo Sushi ! where they have non-raw fish options.....

(pic borrowed from This is London)

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