Sunday, 5 September 2010

30 days / 30 things Days 4 & 5

A little behind on this as we have been away this weekend with me playing the proud Godmother to the beautiful little Charlotte !

So Day 4 is my favourite kitchen gadget and day 5 is my favourite comfort food. In a way it's quite beneficial these two go together because I can do them all in one post - this wasn't planned honestly !!

There are so many things I could label as my best kitchen gadget and believe me, I have enough of them ! My garlic crusher has to be up there in my top three. It's a Pampered Chef one and truely is one of the best I've ever used.

I also love my Microplane grater bought a few years ago. It does everything from parmesan to zesting citrus although don't try nutmeg - it blunts it !

It's the same with comfort food. Strangely I wouldn't class chocolate as up there really, only when I have PMT ! I'm more a savoury kind of person I think. Crisps most definitely and preferably Tyrrell's. Heinz tomato soup with white bread and butter is also in the top three but not at no1.

So, what IS number 1 in both these things ? It's all about the humble potato, the lovely spud. Mashed potato has to be my no1 comfort food ever. With butter, milk and well seasoned with salt and pepper it can have no lumps and I'm in heaven. Sometimes with cheese and even with spring onion occasionally. With baked beans or even with a fried egg on it there is little to beat it. Soft fluffy mounds of mashed potato - yum.

So, with this it makes sense my best kitchen gadget is the potato ricer. I'd not tried one until earlier this year and Oh My God, it makes the best mash - even if you've slightly under done your spuds. Yes, it's time consuming and a bit messy but so, so worth it. Just drain the potatoes and crush through the ricer. Then beat in your butter, milk and seasoning and you've got the perfect mash.

So, there is days 4 and 5 done in one fell swoop. Am off to bed now to dream of mashed potato !

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  1. Thanks for the garlic crusher reccy. Mine has just given up and I was wondering which one to throw my money at next!