Sunday, 12 September 2010

30 days / 30 things Day 10

Phew ! Into double figures !!

Today's is an easy post, food that makes me happy. If I'd written this before the weekend the food would still have been the same but I have to make a special mention of this particular food experience.

Chocolate - a cliche ? Maybe, but I don't care. I love chocolate. I love the way it melts in the mouth and gives a delicious sugar hit. Dark (but not too dark), milk or white - ok if you're being all purist about it I know white chocolate isn't truely chocolate ! I love chocolate truffles and especially chocolate cake.

But to make me happy just a square of good quality milk chocolate will hit the mark nicely thank you.

Now onto this weekend. I ate the most amazing chocolate ice cream I think I've ever eaten in my life - ever. It was thick and rich and very chocolatey. Actually I hadn't chosen ice cream for pudding but had to have two spoonfuls of the Husband's when I realised just how truely stunning this chocolate ice cream was.

Having eaten that, I don't think I'll ever be able to eat any other chocolate ice cream again. It was made by the hotel so until we go back I can only dream.

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