Sunday, 21 March 2010

My veggie challenge !

Son no1 and I had a rather interesting conversation the other day. We were talking about where food came from and why we eat some things and other people don't, which brought us around the the subject of vegetarians.

We've never hidden the fact that meat are animals and he's always been fine with that. We eat veggie about once a week on average but both my sons and the Husband are pretty carnivorous. So, this week we are going vegetarian. Yes, vegetarian. I went through a veggie stage in my teens, most likely due to my current squeeze at the time and it was ok. In the early 90s though it wasn't quite so easy as it is now, or maybe I just wasn't so into cooking at the time.

A great friend of mine loves her veggie food and has given me some great ideas so watch this space ! I am taking bets though on how long it is before the Husband is muttering about bacon sandwiches though.

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