Thursday, 25 February 2010

Mulberry lust

For a long time now my bag of choice would always be a Mulberry. I don't know what it is about them but I haven't found another brand that I love quite as much.

It's my birthday tomorrow and have been dropping rather large hints to the Husband about adding to my very small (ok amounting to one bag) collection. I don't think he's bitten BUT these little lovelies are on my wish list.

Firstly the Alexa in ink. I think this is a lovely squishy bag with loads of potential for use - smart, casual, you name it.

Next is this cuff. It's not in this season's collection but is still available. I personally love the black but it's also available in tan and the rouge noir colour that the lovely Daria comes in.

I can dream I suppose but we'll have to see what tomorrow brings. Failing that I might have to exercise my credit card !

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  1. That is a lovely bag! Gorgeous colour.

    I've tagged you on my blog