Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Dirty food

Oh the shame ! There are many non-foodie foods that I do love, things to be eaten in secret and not usually admitted to. Some are relics from my childhood, so almost instant comfort food, others rather embarassing cravings while pregnant that I've never really lost the taste for.

I'm not alone with this, I bet almost everyone could name their "dirty food". For a friend of mine it's KFC, for another McDonald's chips dipped into a MaccyD's milkshake - each to their own ! Even a foodie of major standing such as Jamie Oliver has admitted to loving fish finger sandwiches and it's even got a mention in one of his books !

This whole topic came about after I had a craving for butterscotch Angel Delight. Now this covers two categories, I have fond memories of this from childhood but was also part of a pregnancy craving when it had to be eaten with tinned peaches.

So, what else is on my dirty food list ? I love cold baked beans (Heinz, natch !) and cold spaghetti straight from the tin. I positively adore fish finger sandwiches with ketchup and mayonnaise. I'm really rather partial to junk food too, but don't often indulge, much to the chagrin of my 6.5 yr old. Despite all my best efforts to bring him up as a mini foodie, he seems to think that McD's or KFC is the height of culinary excellence. Salad cream squirted over cold rice is also rather scrummy.

I've just asked the Husband what his dirty food would be, the answer just isn't publishable ! Just goes to show the mind of a bloke.

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  1. Beautiful foods - fish finger sandwiches, cold baked beans, fries in milkshake, cold rice pudding or hot rice pudding with a packet of chocolate buttons mixed in. Fried eggs with runny yolks, smothered in ketchup and mopped up with bread and butter. Yum.