Thursday, 14 April 2011

British Asparagus with soft boiled duck egg

Srping has sprung well alledgedly anyway. All the lovely new produce is hitting the shops and we did have an unseasonable warm spell last week. Shame I'm now sitting here with a huge cup of tea and in my winter hoodie trying to warm up.

In celebration of this and the delightful discovery of the new season British asparagus in M&S yesterday I thought I'd indulge for lunch today. Knowing son no1 would think I was poisoning him if I suggested he joined us it was just the Husband and myself. Little did I know that son no2 who had already eaten lunch at nursery would want in on the act too. Bless him, my little 3yo wolfed down a good portion of this, clearly he's inherited his mother's good taste !!

A quick aside on the subject of asparagus I will never ever (to quote Charlie & Lola) buy anything other than British asparagus. There is just nothing like it and having been disappointed before it's British all the way now.

So, on to our lunch today and even if I do say so myself it was delicious. The crunchiness of the toast with the freshness of the asparagus and topped off with the rich oily yolk of the duck egg...

serves 2-3

This is so simple it barely even needs a recipe but don't let that fool you. It is just so unbelievably tasty. Firstly the raw ingredients

Boil the duck eggs for 6 minutes - this gave us perfectly soft boiled eggs. Slice the bread and pop in the toaster and then cook the asparagus to your preference. I lightly boiled it but steaming or griddling would also work.

Assemble the plates and season to taste and then tuck in dunking and dipping to your hearts content.


  1. This is fabulous! I am with you - asparagus is only worth eating for the short period where you can get the British stuff. And I think this must be one of the very nicest ways to eat it.

    By the way, if you check out The Guardian's Worf of Mouth blog, there is an "ultimate" sticky toffee pudding recipe...


  2. OMG it was amazing I can't tell you.

    Thanks for the tip off re: sticky toffee pudding. I will be blogging about my search for a perfect recipe soon. My last effort was very disappointing.