Thursday, 28 October 2010

Garlic mushrooms

My cooking mojo has left the building. This is NOT.GOOD.NEWS when you write a food blog.

Tonight I looked in despair in the fridge not sure what I wanted to eat. I'd not got anything out of the freezer and I just had no idea what I fancied. In the end I pulled out a few random ingredients and hoped for the best. Another takeaway wasn't an option.

This was quick, very quick and light but tasty. Maybe not the healthiest supper in the world but it filled a spot. The best bit was I had to open a glass of wine - cheers ! The quantities are a little haphazard so it's very much a "play it by ear" kind of dish.

As it's so haphazard I forgot to take a picture so the evidence that it was tasty will have to do !!

serves 2

Olive oil & a knob of butter
Enough mushrooms for 2, remembering they cook down. I used a mix of chestnut and portobello here.
3-4 cloves of garlic
1/2 tsp grainy mustard
white wine - about 1/2 a glass
double cream
chopped flat leaf parsley
sourdough bread toasted - or other bread, it's not really important what kind

Cut the bread on the diagonal, brush with olive oil and toast on a ridged griddle pan
While you're doing this chop the mushrooms and heat the oil & butter in a pan
Add the mushrooms stirring quickly to coat and leave to cook down until soft.
The add the garlic and mustard and cook on a highish heat for a few minutes
Add the wine and cook off the alcohol before adding enough cream to make a sauce
Reduce briefly, add the parsley and season to taste.
Pile over the toast, sprinkle with parsley and drizzle with more olive oil
Serve immediately.


  1. And you say your mojo has left the building? Tasty...

  2. Thank you ! It was a moment of inspiration. Shame what has followed hasn't been so inspired.