Wednesday, 1 September 2010

30 days / 30 things Day 1

Ok so here we go ! A memorable restaurant....

I have been lucky enough to have eaten in some tremendous places although I have yet to eat anywhere with a Michelin star ! I have also eaten in some not so nice places but let's skip over those quickly. I've eaten in some strange places too - such as the place in the South of France in the middle of nowhere that only served confit of duck with lentils while ducks quacked outside. Ok so the food was amazing but still somewhat surreal !

I am finding it quite hard to pin down my favourite as there are so many nice places especially bearing in mind the category later in the month about my favourite local eatery. There is the amazing Italian in the town I used to live in Kent, there is also the lovely restaurant in Cornwall where I ate some stunning seafood. On the subject of seafood there is also the Whistable Oyster Company ! There are also the beach BBQs I had in St Lucia, the trattoria in Rome where I ate the best pasta I have ever eaten and the first (and only) time I ate snails in Montreal.

I suppose if I had to pin it down it would be the Trinity restaurant at the Crown & Castle. I know I blogged about this lovely place earlier in the year but I can't praise it enough. The food there is local, seasonal and above all so amazingly delicious I have savoured every mouthful. The service is efficent and the waiters very knowledgeable about the dishes and wine to go with it, but never intrusive. Hurrah for never being interrupted after a mouthful with "Is everything ok here ?".

The breakfasts are to die for too with the best marmalade ever, even though I don't really like marmalade they have converted me !

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