Friday, 20 August 2010

Quick prawn curry

Phew ! A busy week this week. My last week off before it's back to work, so we've been having lovely days out with the kids and generally enjoying time as a family. So far we've caught up with friends, been to the zoo, soft play (personally my idea of hell but the kids love it) and now getting ready for son no2 turning 3 next week !

It has meant though that the cooking has gone by the board a little with meals out, picnics and quite a few snacky  dinners thrown in for good measure.

I found this from my saviour website BBC Good Food. Actually having just checked that link works properly, there seems to be a nice recipe for chicken, potato and green bean curry on the front page today, will book mark that one ! It's such a great website, I often just type in my main ingredient and take pot luck with what the search shows up. This is exactly what I did when I found this curry recipe. Normally I'm a bit boring with prawns and just do them in a spicy stir fry, or in a paella.

This was nice and spicy, even though I did discover my curry paste was out of date after I'd put it in - oops ! But best of all it was very quick and tasty (please excuse the shocking photo - I am working on my photography skills !).

serves 2

a glug of groundnut oil
1 onion sliced
4 ripe tomatoes skinned and cut into wedges
knob of root ginger grated
3 garlic cloves crushed
1-2 tbsp curry paste
200g shelled raw king prawns
Couple of large handfuls frozen peas
Coriander to serve

Heat the oil and slowly fry the onions until coloured
Reserve 4 of the tomato wedges and whizz the rest in a processor with the ginger and garlic
Add the curry paste to the pan, turn the heat up and cook for a minute or so
Add the tomato mix and reserved wedges to the pan and bubble to reduce
Then add the prawns and peas and cook until the prawns are pink and the peas tender
Scatter with coriander and serve with rice

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